Both HistoryNet and ArmchairGeneral run their own opinion poll every week.

Generally, topics for HistoryNet polls should reflect the subject matter of the 10 magazines supported by HistoryNet (American History, America’s Civil War, Aviation History, British Heritage, Civil War Times, Military History and MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History, Wild West, World War II, and Vietnam).

Topics for ArmchairGeneral should reflect its focus on military history and current military-political affairs.

In both cases, pop-culture history questions are acceptable if they pertain to the historical subject matter, e.g., movies, books, TV shows with history themes.

You can see examples of past polls by going to the current polls on HN and on ACG and clicking on "See previous polls."

Ask a question that requires readers to select one answer from 2–6 options. ("Undecided" may be one option.)

Rather than asking, "What is the best X?" phrase questions to say, "Which of these is the best X?"

Questions and choices must be very brief; study what has been published on the Websites.

Do not bullet choices.

What is your opinion on the number of new troops President Obama wants to send to Afghanistan?

30,000 is too few
30,000 is too many
30,000 is about right

Which of these music forms is America’s most important contribution to world music?

Rock ‘n Roll

Which of these World War I aircraft was the best fighter plane?

German Fokker D.VII
British Sopwith Camel
German Fokker Dr. I triplane
British S.E. 5a
French Nieuport 17

PAYMENT FOR POLLS: ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) FOR EVERY POLL ACCEPTED; PURCHASED IN BATCHES OF 20 OR MORE. Polls accepted become the property of Wieder History Group.