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We need fresh quizzes to challenge and educate readers every day of the year. This is a great opportunity to utilize a broad spectrum of historical knowledge, have some fun, learn some things yourself and make a little money. Daily Quiz submissions must follow a specific format exactly. If you’re not familiar with the Quiz, please read at least a couple of weeks’ worth of existing quizzes. Go to HistoryNet‘s home page, click on Live the History Daily Quiz, and from the current quiz you can view previous and future quizzes.

Because our quiz questions are loaded using a special software program, all quiz questions MUST follow this format exactly; no variations.

Correct answer
Incorrect answer
Incorrect answer
Incorrect answer
Repeat correct answer and provide additional information
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(Answers are scrambled by HistoryNet staff before posting, but in submitting them always put the correct answer first. Do not bullet or number answer choices.)

Questions must be phrased in the form of a statement, similar to "questions" on Jeopardy.

In presenting the correct answer with explanation, repeat the correct answer, then give a brief explanation that will allow readers to take away new knowledge. Everything—question, answers and explanation—must be kept short. Do not use any accent marks; the software makes them appear as question marks. Apostrophes and quotation marks should be plain, not "curly" for the same reason. Again, study existing quizzes for an idea of acceptable length. Questions should be no more than 200 characters (including spaces) and answers should be no more than 400 characters (including spaces).

This man said America’s post-Civil War navy could be defeated by "a single ironclad mounting four heavy rifled guns."

Admiral David D. Porter
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
Nicholas II of Russia
Admiral Sir James Hope

Admiral David D. Porter made that discouraged assessment of his nation’s navy at a time when it ranked 11th in the world.

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