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  1. […] originally published in 1991, and has been updated and revised for this 2007 edition. According to World War II Magazine (November 2007): “During the dark, early days of World War II, when the Imperial Japanese […]

  2. […] WWII Magazine has a great set of infographics by Max Gadney on their website. They cover various weapons, equipment, and vehicles, as well as comparison charts like the one above. These are great for adding that extra touch of realism or finding that extra bit of inspiration for your dieselpunk story. Tagged with: airplanes, graphics, military, vehicles, WW2 […]

  3. […] where he looked after graphics and design. Gadney also designs beautiful inforgraphics for the WWII Magazine that looks beyond the simple mechanics of military technology into their development and […]

  4. […] History, Military History, Military History Quarterly, Military Heritage, True West, Wild West, World War II, Vietnam, America’s Civil War, Civil War Times, North & South,  Civil War News, […]

  5. […] article for World War ll magazine, Nuremberg Reclaims the Ruins of a Nazi Past. […]

  6. […] August issue of World War II magazine features my story on the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, one of the most feared Nazi leaders, […]

  7. […] three magazines available in this incredible bundle are Air Classics, Military History and World War II and are all full of important and thought-provoking information on past military encounters – […]

  8. […] Islands from the Japanese invaders during WWII — are profiled in a feature article in World War II magazine’s March/April 2012. The issue hits newsstands January 31, […]

  9. […] May 15, 2012 by Gregory I’m very pleased! In the about-to-be-released July/August issue of World War II magazine, aviation historian Richard R. Muller reviewed China’s Wings as “a first-rate saga of […]

  10. […] published by World War II magazine. Published Online: June 01, […]

  11. […] that include The Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Weider History Group’s own World War II […]

  12. […] audience, and saturate it (Wester discusses wanting to sell his game to all of the subscribers of World War II Magazine). Avoid the typical marketing strategies; instead of an expensive 3D animated trailer, Paradox […]

  13. […] published by World War II magazine. Published Online: August 31, […]

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    […] article originally appeared in World War II magazine, vol. 29, no. 1 (May/June 2014):75-76. Reprinted with permission. The first time I saw […]

  15. […] article originally appeared in World War II magazine.  Reprinted with Permission.  Cross-posted from Blog Them Out of The Stone […]

  16. […] published by World War II magazine. Published Online: June 12, […]