“Let us tell a story of a generation that came home, and how—even though some Americans
turned their back on you—you never turned your back on America….
You took off the uniform, but you never stopped serving. You became teachers and
police officers and nurses…entrepreneurs, running companies and pioneering industries
that changed the world. You became leaders and public servants.”

—President Barack Obama
National Proclamation Ceremony at The Wall
Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration, May 28, 2012



Please, if you have a story about a Vietnam veteran who came home and helped build America, send it to us (no more than 200 words), along with a current photo. Mail to vet.spotlight, Vietnam, 19300 Promenade Dr., Leesburg, VA 20176 or email to vet.spotlight@weiderhistorygroup.com. Selected stories will be published in Vietnam and on our website, www.vietnammag.com.


Featured Vet for December 2012 issue: Daryl Paulson, President & CEO, BioScience Laboratories

Featured Vet for February 2013 issue: Michael Cody, Truck Driver, Wallkill, NY, Highway Garage

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  1. I was a point man for a line company and a recon team with the 101st Abn.Div. in the Central Highlands in 1968

    I’ve written a few short stories and one good sized one about my experiances. I’ll be glad to send then to you for publication.

    I’m also interested in a subscription to your magazine.

    Let me know.

  2. Please access the website @ http://www.yankeemedicrecords.com for background, free MP3 downloads & performance videos from a retired Army/Guard 1st AVN BDE vet of Mekong Delta 1971 & Combat Medic attached to 201st FSB/2nd BDE/1st ID during Desert Storm.
    Four decade career as veteran tunesmith & author of new memoir reviewed by DON NORTH – “TUNESMITH CHRONICLES: A Musical History Tour”.

  3. Are you interested in reviewing an article I wrote? It is about three pages,called two Hair Cuts.
    I served in the 173rd Jan 1968 thru beginning 1969. Let me know and thanks.
    Al Sohl
    Port Saint Lucie, Fl

  4. wondering if I can get an email address for Tj Mc Ginley ..have a few questions for him regarding Vietnam …thanks :)

  5. Looking for Air force or Marines stationed at Bien Hao 1971 thru 1973 I might have known

  6. Read “Sapper in the Wire”. I may have the only photos of FSB Mary Ann on the morning of 28 March 1971. I was with the 133rd EOD and got to Mary Ann around sunrise and spent two days policing unexploded devices.

  7. Was tough from when we (my Buddy and I from the 173rd Abn Brg) arrived in Cam Rahn Bay to DROS to returning home. They tried (we hid in the R&R barracks during the day) to put us all on work details until time to board the plane a few days after arriving. Touched down in Wash. State, tried to call home, forgot how to use the #$% phone, got yelled at by the operator! Tried to get into the PX, lifer stood guard by the entrance told me to \get a hair cut!\. At the Air port was told by an MP to \put your head gear on\! At the entrance of the plane, yelled at by the stewardess cause I wasn’t fast enough…though my cane supporting me was quite visible. Finally home, had to move out as my Mom took as a personal insult that \you went to Vietnam to punish me\. It was tough.

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