Today in History
June 24

217 BC
  Carthaginian forces led by Hannibal destroy a Roman army under consul Gaius Flaminius in a battle at Lake Trasimene in central Italy.
1314   Scottish forces, led by Robert the Bruce, win an overwhelming victory against English King Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn.
1340   The French fleet is almost completely destroyed by the English fleet commanded in person by King Edward III. The Battle of Sluys is one of the opening conflicts of the Hundred Years’ War between England and France. [From MHQ—The Quarterly Journal of Military History]
1497   Explorer John Cabot lands in North America in present-day Canada.
1509   Henry VIII is crowned King of England.
1664   The colony of New Jersey, named after the Isle of Jersey, is founded.
1647   Margaret Brent, demands a voice and a vote for herself in the Maryland colonial assembly.
1675   King Philip’s War begins.
1812   Napoleon crosses the Neman River and invades Russia.
1859   At the Battle of Solferino, also known as the Battle of the Three Sovereigns, the French army, led by Napoleon III, defeats the Austrian army under Franz Joseph I.
1861   Federal gunboats attack Confederate batteries at Mathias Point, Virginia.
1862   U.S. intervention saves the British and French at the Dagu Forts in China.
1896   Booker T. Washington becomes the first African American to receive an honorary MA degree from Harvard University.
1910   The Japanese army invades Korea.
1913   Greece and Serbia annul their alliance with Bulgaria following border disputes over Macedonia and Thrace.
1931   The Soviet Union and Afghanistan sign a treaty of neutrality.
1940   France signs an armistice with Italy.
1941   President Franklin Roosevelt pledges all possible support to the Soviet Union.
1943   Royal Air Force Bombers hammer Muelheim, Germany, in a drive to cripple the Ruhr industrial base.
1948   The Soviet Union begins the Berlin Blockade, America responds with the Berlin Airlift.
1953   John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier announce their engagement.
1955   Soviet MIGs down a U.S. Navy patrol plane over the Bering Strait.
1964   The Federal Trade Commission announces that, starting in 1965, cigarette makers must include warning labels about the harmful effects of smoking.
1970   The U.S. Senate votes overwhelmingly to repeal the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Born on June 24
1813   Henry Ward Beecher, clergyman.
1842   Ambrose Bierce, American writer and satirist (The Friend’s Delight, The Devil’s Dictionary).
1848   Brooks Adams, American historian, son of Charles Francis Adams (The Law of Civilization and Decay).
1883   Victor Francis Hess, physicist.
1895   Jack Dempsey, American boxer and world heavyweight champion.
1901   Harry Partch, composer.
1912   Norman Cousins, editor of the Saturday Review.
1915   Fred Hoyle, British mathematician and astronomer.
1916   John Ciardi, poet.
1930   Claude Chabrol, French film director (The Cousins, Madame Bovary).

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