Today in History: June 5

Today in History
June 5

1099 Members of the First Crusade witness an eclipse of the moon and interpret it as a sign they will recapture Jerusalem.
1568 Ferdinand, the Duke of Alba, crushes the Calvinist insurrection in Ghent.
1595 Henry IV’s army defeats the Spanish at the Battle of Fontaine-Francaise.
1637 American settlers in New England massacre a Pequot Indian village.
1783 Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier make the first public balloon flight.
1794 The U.S. Congress prohibits citizens from serving in any foreign armed forces.
1827 Athens falls to Ottoman forces.
1851 Harriet Beecher Stowe publishes the first installment of Uncle Tom’s Cabin in The National Era.
1856 U.S. Army troops in the Four creeks region of California, head back to quarters, officially ending the Tule River War. Fighting, however, will continue for a few more years.
1863 The Confederate raider CSS Alabama captures the Talisman in the Mid-Atlantic.
1872 The Republican National Convention, the first major political party convention to include blacks, commences.
1880 Wild woman of the west Myra Maybelle Shirley marries Sam Starr even though records show she was already married to Bruce Younger.
1900 British troops under Lord Roberts seize Pretoria from the Boers.
1940 The German army begins its offensive in Southern France.
1944 The first B-29 bombing raid strikes the Japanese rail line in Bangkok, Thailand.
1947 Secretary of State George C. Marshall outlines “The Marshall Plan,” a program intended to assist European nations, including former enemies, to rebuild their economies.
1956 Premier Nikita Khrushchev denounces Josef Stalin to the Soviet Communist Party Congress.
1967 The Six-Day War between Israel and Egypt, Syria and Jordan begins.
1968 Sirhan Sirhan shoots Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy after Kennedy’s victory in the pivotal California primary election.
1973 Doris A. Davis becomes the first African-American woman to govern a city in a major metropolitan area when she is elected mayor of Compton, California.
2004 Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan dies at age 93. Reagan was the 40th president of the United States.
Born on June 5
1723 Adam Smith, Scottish philosopher and economist.
1878 Francisco “Pancho” Villa, Mexican revolutionary and guerrilla leader.
1883 John Maynard Keynes, economist.
1884 Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett, British author.
1898 Federico Garcia Lorca, Spanish poet and dramatist.
1915 Alfred Kazin, critic and editor (A Walker in the City).
1919 Richard Scarry, Children’s author and illustrator.
1926 David Wagoner, poet and novelist (The Escape Artist).
1932 Christy Brown, Irish novelist and poet (My Left Foot).
1939 Margaret Drabble, English novelist (The Millstone, The Realms of Gold).
1947 David Hare, British playwright and director (A Map of the World, Slag).
1949 Ken Follett, novelist (Eye of the Needle, On The Wings of Eagles).

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