April 7

1652   The Dutch establish a settlement at Cape Town, South Africa.
1712   A slave revolt breaks out in New York City.
1798   The territory of Mississippi is organized.
1862   General Ulysses S. Grant defeats the Confederates at the Battle of Shiloh in TN.
1914   The British House of Commons passes the Irish Home Rule Bill.
1922   The U.S. Secretary of the Interior leases the Teapot Dome naval oil reserves in Wyoming.
1933   President Franklin Roosevelt signs legislation ending prohibition in the United States.
1943   British and American armies link up between Wadi Akarit and El Guettar in North Africa, forming a solid line against the German army.
1945   The Japanese battleship Yamato, the world’s largest battleship, is sunk during the Battle for Okinawa.
1963   Yugoslavia proclaims itself a Socialist republic.
1971   President Nixon pledges a withdrawal of 100,000 more men from Vietnam by December.
1980   The United States breaks relations with Iran.
1983   Specialist Story Musgrave and Don Peterson make the first Space Shuttle spacewalk.
1990   John Poindexter is found guilty in the Iran-Contra scandal.
Born on April 7
1770   William Wordsworth, English poet laureate (The Prelude, Lyrical Ballads).
1837   John Pierpont Morgan, U.S. industrialist.
1859   Walter Camp, father of American football.
1860   W.K. Kellogg, cereal magnate and health guru.
1897   Walter Winchell, American newscaster and columnist.
1915   Billie Holiday (Eleanora Fagan), jazz and blues singer.
1931   Donald Barthelme, writer.
1931   Daniel Ellsberg, anti-war activist, released the Pentagon Papers.

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