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  1. […] reliably find, this always ends up being some smattering of the following:  American History, Military History, Military History Quarterly, Military Heritage, True West, Wild West, World War II, Vietnam, […]

  2. […] of The UnCivil War: Irregular Warfare in the Upper South, 1861-1865, is a regular contributor to Military History and World War II magazines, and has been an alpha/beta tester on numerous game […]

  3. […] outgrowth of articles published in Military History magazine and elsewhere, this book is about six famed novelists who experienced military combat as actual […]

  4. […] Originally published by Military History magazine.   Published Online: June 12, 2006  […]

  5. […] note: Author Stephen Harding is editor for one of Armchair General’s partner publications, Military History […]

  6. […] in a series of monographs about early Hollywood directors [8], and even in an issue of Weider’s Military History [8]. Thus, I proceeded to prepare a presentation on Walsh and Villa, stressing the uniqueness of […]

  7. […] published by Military History magazine. Published Online: November 08, […]

  8. […] published by Military History magazine. Published Online: February 27, […]

  9. […] Hope is scheduled to be a Main Feature Selection of the Military Book Club and Military History Magazine recently acquired serial rights to publish a large excerpt of the book in its June/July […]