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  1. […] this always ends up being some smattering of the following:  American History, Military History, Military History Quarterly, Military Heritage, True West, Wild West, World War II, Vietnam, America’s Civil War, Civil […]

  2. […] compiled and edited by Robert Cowley, the American-born military historian who founded the journal MHQ. Contributors to the book include John Keegan and Geoffrey Parker –so surely this must be a work […]

  3. […] Library, Adolph Hitler happened to catch my eye–really his image on the cover of a back issue of MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History. As I flipped it open, an image of the Crown of Queen Elizabeth caught my eye, thanks in part to the […]

  4. […] MHQ Magazine has been the nation’s foremost journal of scholarly military history for more than two decades.  Its authors are all professionally published, and typically are noted authorities on the topics about which they write.  MHQ has been available for years in a glossy, perfect-bound format, appearing four times a year.  It has always been known for its elegant layout and wonderful artwork, in addition to its top-notch writing.  Now it is available as a download for Amazon’s Kindle family, and I decided to take a look at how the magazine translates to the electronic e-reader format. […]

  5. […] in ancient history from the University of Washington. He has previously had articles published in MHQ and Military History magazine and here on […]

  6. […] Publicado originalmente por SEM revista. […]

  7. […] *Mitchell, Barbara (Autumn 2010). “America’s Spanish Savior: Bernardo de Gálvez marches to rescue the colonies”. MHQ (Military History Quarterly). […]

  8. […] I had her run around the block for twenty minutes while I lazed about in her living room and browsed some reading material that I always bring along, just in […]