Welcome to the World History Group!

We have created this special page for participants of the AMU and WHG live webcast seminars (spring, 2010) as a resource for beginning your exploration of all the the World History Group has to offer students of history.  Please take a moment to learn about us and you too may find yourself joining many of our members who have been with us for 5 to 10 years or more!

Here is a snapshot of where you can go from here;

1. Discussion forums for the Civil War. Our members tell us that our forums are some of the most diverse and intellectually friendly anywhere on the Internet.  We have experts and novices from around the globe discussing a nearly infinite mix of historical topics.  Our American Civil War forum is particularly active.  Reading is free.  Posting requires a free registration/login.

2. Civil War articles from our two magazines.  We have 100’s of articles from Civil War Times and America’s Civil War just waiting to be explored.  We encourage you to peruse our back catalog, where we have some of the best features from past issues of each title.

3. Armchair General and Historynet.com game reviews.  Over the years, we have done quite a few game reviews for Civil War era games.  To explore the depth of our gaming coverage, please visit the gaming section of our forums.

4. Greatest Military Blunders Quiz. From time to time we like to have fun on our forums, and this quiz is a mixture of history, photo interpretation, and a bit of luck.  See if you can guess what battlefield blunders are represented by these 20 images. Then stick around for the Greatest Military Blunders tournament.

5. Special Subscription discounts for those interested in Civil War Times.