AMPS Members – Special Pricing for World History Group Titles

The World History Group is proud to offer the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS) an exclusive discount on the following World History Group titles:

Leading writers and surviving veterans tell the compelling true stories behind history’s greatest conflict, covering not just the drama of the most famous battles, but with close-up looks at the fighting men, the leaders, the tactics, the weapons, little-known incidents and unusual facts.
The nation’s oldest and most popular magazine devoted to the history of warfare from ancient times to the late 20th century. Each issue contains incisive accounts from top writers and historians of land, naval and air warfare.
Presents the history of America to a broad spectrum of general-interest readers in an authoritative, informative, thought-provoking and entertaining style. Lively narratives take readers on an adventure with history, complemented by rare photographs, paintings, illustrations and maps.
Armchair General contains articles on military history, profiles of military leaders, and features that analyze the implications of decisions and look at what would be different had other courses of action been followed.

Subscribe now and enjoy the fascinating stories of the people, events, triumphs and tragedies that define America. Find a host of expertly written articles plus rare historic photographs, maps and artwork within the pages of each magazine.

A great deal at-just $18.95 per title for a full year (six issues). This rate is available only to patrons of AMPS.

Offer available to new subscribers only.

To order by phone, please call 1-800-435-0715 and mention code S9KAMX.
Subscription outside the US: Add $12/year.

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