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  1. […] I just finished reading a fascinating interview with Randolph Roth in the April 2010 edition of American History magazine.  Roth, a professor of history and sociology, has focused on trends in violence and homicide.  He […]

  2. […] Heritage                                American History                                Journal of American History Smithsonian […]

  3. […] planning on subscribing to History Magazine: History Magazine – Home and American History Magazine:American History Magazine Do those seem to be good? I just subscribed to Mental Floss: Random, Interesting, Amazing Facts – […]

  4. […] start researching something else, so I never go deep into one subject. I'm going to subscribe to American History Magazine & History Magazine – Home. Hopefully subscribing to historical magazines will help me broaden […]

  5. […] More info here : Official site […]

  6. […] good article about Comanche Chief Quanah Parker appeared in the February 2014 issue of American History magazine. While I cannot give you a link to that particular article, but this short biography is […]