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Our First Civil War
During the Revolution—almost a century before Fort Sumter—American patriots battled American loyalists in a vicious showdown for control of the South
by Edward G. Lengel

A Capitol Offense
Congress didn’t go dry during Prohibition, thanks to Capitol Hill’s favorite bootlegger—”The Man in the Green Hat”
by Peter Carlson

April 1865
150 years ago, the Confederacy fell, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and the nation began its long journey back from the war that tore it asunder

May 8, 1945: Victory in Europe

Remembering V-E Day through the letters of two Americans—one a soldier, the other a hospital sketch artist for the USO
by Andrew Carroll

Call the Midwife
The Frontier Nursing Service delivered a new healthcare model to one of the most underserved regions in America
by Christine M. Kreiser



American Mosaic
Harriet Tubman honored; Spirit of St. Louis grounded; Laura Ingalls Wilder’s real Little House life—and more

The First
Nuclear reactor

We’ve Been Here Before
Battling for control: the police vs. the citizenry

Log cabin legacy

James Madison enchants Harriet Martineau

Here Is Where
A tree falls in Nevada

Carol Berkin on the Bill of Rights that nobody wanted

Letter From the Editor
Endings and beginnings

Vanity Fair blazes a trail; Nellie Bly inspires young journalists; W.C. Heinz masters the sweet science—and more

Last Call
Francis Hutcheson, revolutionary thinker