Custer the Peacemaker
Between the Civil War and LittleBighorn, General George Custer fought to protect freed slaves and Union supporters in Texas
by Peter Carlson

Hollywood’s Best Year
In 1939 U.S. film studios made many of our greatest-ever movies. How did it happen? Here’s the cinematic backstory
by Bruce Chadwick

‘Grab a Hunk of Lightning’
Dorothea Lange captured the face of hardship in the 1930s and ’40s. A portrait of a photographer with an empathetic eye
by Christine M. Kreiser

The Spirit of ‘74
Two years before the Declaration of Independence, militiamen put an end to British rule in Massachusetts
by Ray Raphael

Epic Invasion
Seventy years ago, 156,000 U.S., British and Canadian troops landed in Normandy, France—the beginning of the end for the Nazis



The First
Border patrol agent

American Mosaic
Arlington National Cemetery at 150; celebrating Old Glory; counting up at the Library of Congress—and more

We’ve Been Here Before
Unintended consequences

Author Melinda L. Pash explains how Korea came to be America’s “forgotten war”

A Bucks of America silver medallion

Here Is Where
Louis Armstrong’s New Orleans roots

Casey Stengel meets Senator Estes Kefauver

Letter From American History
Behind his dash and derring-do, George Custer was a stout supporter of the Union

Cold War stalwarts John Foster and Allen Dulles; Thomas Jefferson the diplomat; the life and writings of John Quincy Adams—and more

Last Call
Ringling Bros. master clown Lou Jacobs