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Washington Cuts Loose
On a cold New Jersey night, a dinner party for Continental Army officers and their wives revealed a little-known side of the commander in chief
by Edward G. Lengel

The ‘Man of Force’ Who Saved Belgium
Before Herbert Hoover became the scapegoat for the Great Depression, he led one of the greatest humanitarian relief efforts in history
by Richard Ernsberger Jr.

A Day in the Life of a Soldier
The illuminating Civil War paintings of Hudson River School artist Sanford Gifford
by Sarah Richardson

Think Positive
European mesmerism inspired an American healing faith and the growth of a self-help credo by Erika Janik

People’s Palaces
Colossal buildings decked out in cotton, corn and coal put America’s heartland bounty on grand display
by Richard Selcer



American Mosaic
Time’s toll on silent films; the long, strange history of “missionary squirrels”; D-Day underwater—and more

The First
Banned book

Bob Dylan plays Woody Guthrie

Here Is Where
A North Carolina prisoner remakes the world of warcraft

Ulysses S. Grant’s presentation sword

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, on the perils of international intervention

Letter From American History
George Washington’s rambunctious side, Herbert Hoover’s compassionate turn

TR courts the press; Salem wigs out over witches; a Pinkerton detective’s undercover adventures; MLK’s singular life—and more

Last Call
Theodor de Bry’s New World odyssey