Cover Story

The Beasts of Budapest
By Nicholas Smith
In 1956 a British attaché in Hungary got a close look at advanced Russian tanks

Barbarians at the Gate
By Tang Long
Han Chinese commander Geng Gong had an unconventional reply to a demand for surrender

Divided Island
By David Harris
In 1974 Turkish and Greek factions took up arms on Cyprus, sparking a conflict with lasting ramifications

High Tide of Viking Ireland
By Don Hollway
On Good Friday 1014 the Irish united under King Brian Boru to drive out Viking invaders

Germany’s Sea Eagle
By Mark Carlson
In 1916 a German windjammer slipped the British blockade to raid like a pirate ship of old

Holding the Line in Malaya
By Jon Guttman
Britain put down the 1948–60 uprising using an effective mix of tactics

On the cover: Fighters in Budapest brace for another Soviet attack during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. (Credit: Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images. Inset: Andrew Howat/Private Collection/© Look and Learn/Bridgeman Images)

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By David Kindy

U-2s Over Cuba: Casey Sherman & Michael Tougias

By David T. Zabecki
Selfless Service

What We Learned From…
By James F. Byrne Jr.
Loss of the Golden Lion, 1944

By Jon Guttman
SMS Wolf


Hallowed Ground
By David Murphy
Bayonet Hill, South Korea

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

In the Archives

The Secret Life of Erich Gimpel
By Ron Soodalter
Landed by U-boat on the coast of Maine in 1944, the senior agent of a two-man Nazi spy team had a thrilling tale to tell—most of it true

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