Cover Story

Payoff in Tokyo Bay
By Michael D. Hull
Japan’s surrender ended World War II and began the reign of an American Caesar

By Steve Roberts
The 1492 fall of Granada ended nearly eight centuries of Muslim rule on the Iberian Peninsula

Great Scot at Waterloo
By John Koster
George Drummond Graeme was the last man standing at La Haye Sainte farm in 1815

Camelback Colonialism
By Nicholas Smith
The Somaliland Camel Corps took on a Mad Mullah in the tempestuous Horn of Africa

Kings of the Rubble
By Stephen Carlson
The 2006 bombing of Iraq’s al-Askari shrine helped fan the flames of sectarian war

The Glory of the Sun King
By Kelly Bell
Though victorious on the battlefield, Louis XIV sealed the fate of the French monarchy

On the cover: General Douglas MacArthur presided over the September 1945 surrender in Tokyo Bay, then became supreme commander for the Allied powers in occupied Japan. PHOTO: Bettmann/Getty Images, photo-illustration: Brian Walker

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Mary Jennings Hegar: Shoot Like a Girl

By David T. Zabecki
Romania’s Heroine

What We Learned From…
By Jon Guttman
Battle of the Barents Sea, 1942

By Jon Guttman
M50 Ontos


Hallowed Ground
By Mark D. Van Ells
Khe Sanh, Vietnam

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

In the Archives
Holding the Farm at Waterloo
By Brendan Simms
The Hanoverian riflemen of the 2nd Light Battalion of the King’s German Legion mounted an epic defense at La Haye Sainte

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