Please help! I love anything Abe! I came across this very cool color reproduction, but if you look closely there are so many things in this photo I can’t figure out. I need a historian’s help please. Look at Abe’s shoes. Duct tape? Lol. I don’t think so. A paper in his breast pocket? The item on the both tables? Who is the soldier? Appears to be a general. Just anything you can help with would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

-Robert Snyder




This looks like a scene out of a wax museum, but it may also be a hand-colored photograph, either of which may explain the peculiar shades in Lincoln’s shoes. In either case, they depict Lincoln’s visit to the Army of the Potomac’s camp after the Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862, to discuss the follow-up with Major General George B. McClellan. McClellan’s lethargy in doing so would ultimately lead to Lincoln relieving him of command—for the second time—on November 5.



Jon Guttman

Research Director

World History

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