Cover Story

Crusader Down
By Paul X. Rutz
In 1966 a U.S. Navy helicopter crew rushed to rescue a downed aviator from North Vietnam’s busiest harbor

To the Last Man
By Dana Benner
Ethnic Nepali Gurkhas were on the leading edge of the largest British attack in the second year of World War I

Opening Antwerp
By Bob Gordon
In 1944 Canadians fought to secure the approaches to Europe’s largest port

The Day Sparta Fell
By Patrick S. Baker
A brief, violent battle in 371 BC marked the end of Spartan hegemony in Greece

World War Relics
These artifacts speak to the grind of trench warfare and the U.S. contribution to victory in World War I

Great Guns!
By P.G. Smith
American machine gunner Arthur ‘Gat’ Howard lived up to his nickname while serving the British empire

On the cover: Fighters in Budapest brace for another Soviet attack during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. (Credit: Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images. Inset: Andrew Howat/Private Collection/© Look and Learn/Bridgeman Images)

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Matthew Naylor: The Legacy of World War I

By David T. Zabecki
No Hometown Hero

What We Learned From…
By James F. Byrne Jr.
Braddock’s Defeat, 1755

By Jon Guttman
S-75 Dvina


Hallowed Ground
By Claire Barrett
Slapton Sands, England

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images


In the Archives

Decision at Plataea, 479 BC
By Matthew Gonzales

For the allied Greeks victory would secure autonomy—defeat would mean Persian domination

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