Holiday Gift Books

The Book of Gun Trivia
Essential Firepower Facts
by Gordon L. Rottman
(Osprey, $14.95)
A pocket­-size almanac full of essential facts, interesting trivia, and myth­-busting tidbits that any gun enthusiast could spend hours mulling over.

Vietnam: The Real War
A Photographic History by the Associated Press
(Abrams, $40)
Featuring the work of many of the best photojournalists who covered the Vietnam War, this collection captures the intensity of the American involvement beginning in the 1950s through the fall of Saigon.

Photojournalists on War
The Untold Stories from Iraq
by Michael Kamber
(University of Texas Press, $65)
A stark pairing of photographs and eyewitness accounts of photo­journalists who covered the nine-year conflict in Iraq.

Smithsonian Civil War
Inside the National Collection
edited by Neil Kagan and Stephen G. Hyslop
(Smithsonian Books, $40)
A visual compendium of 150 photographs, letters, and artifacts highlighting the familiar and rare finds in the Smithsonian Institute’s collection commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

Photography and the American Civil War
by Jeff L. Rosenheim
(Metropolitan Museum of Art, $50)
Released in conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s photographic exhibit of the same title, this book emphasizes the significance of the evolving medium in capturing the human element of the Civil War.

The Great War
A Photographic Narrative
by Mark Holborn and Hilary Roberts
(Knopf, $100)
Selected from the Imperial War Museum’s archives, these 380 black-and-white photographs create a poignant visual narration that underscores the international span of World War I.