Cover Story

Murder in Vietnam
By Hamilton Gregory
What was it about the war that prompted U.S. troops to ‘frag’ their officers and NCOs?

War in the ‘Green Hell’
By P.G. Smith
Paraguay and Bolivia battled over a scrubland of snakes, jaguars and promised oil

The Secret Life of Erich Gimpel
By Ron Soodalter
The worst enemy this Nazi spy faced in New York was his drunken, inept partner

Jihad in the Age of Victoria
By Mark Simner
The British monarch’s six-decade reign was marked by a wave of Islamic uprisings

Portfolio: Taking Liberties
In the wake of the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans lost
their homes and were locked up without due process

Waiting for Death
By Jack Torry
Reporter C. Yates McDaniel risked his life to tell the world about Japan’s rape of Nanking

On the cover: A U.S. soldier in Vietnam in 1968 poses with his finger looped through the pin of a hand grenade. Some soldiers used the weapon to “frag” their own officers and NCOs. PHOTO: Eddie Adams/Associated Press; photo illustration: Brian Walker

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Shipwreck Hunter David Mearns

By Chuck Lyons
Courage in Kargil

What We Learned From…
By James Byrne
The Siege of Kut

By Jon Guttman
Insect-Class Gunboat


Hallowed Ground
By David T. Zabecki
Megiddo (Armageddon), Israel

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images

In the Archives

Camelback Colonialism
By Nicholas Smith
The Somaliland Camel Corps mopped up a Mad Mullah and policed the British protectorate through two world wars

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