Cover Story

Kamehameha’s Commandos
By Dana Benner
Elite Polynesian warriors helped the ambitious chief conquer and unite Hawaii

When the Troubles Came to Loughgall
By Ron Soodalter
In 1987 the IRA ran headlong into British SAS soldiers

When John Paul Jones Crossed Over
By Ellen Hampton
The Revolutionary War hero finally sailed home in 1905

The Escape Artists
By Neal Bascomb
In 1918 British POWs staged a daring escape from the heart of Germany

Aleutian Battleground
When Allied troops moved to retake Attu in 1943, the Alaskan island proved as unrelenting as the Japanese

Red, White and Blue Over China
By Mark Simner
In 1856 a U.S. Navy commander violated his nation’s neutrality to defend the honor of its flag

On the cover: In 1791 Chief Kamehameha, aboard the captured schooner
Fair American, leads his Big Island warriors to victory over invaders from Oahu, Maui and Kauai. (Herb Kane, National Geographic, Getty Images; inset: New York Public Library, Bridgeman Images)

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Giles Milton: Ungentlemanly Warfare

By David T. Zabecki
From Pulpit to Trench

What We Learned From…
By James F. Byrne Jr.
Retreat From Kabul, 1842

By Jon Guttman
Westland Wessex


Hallowed Ground
By Mark D. Van Ells
Poznań, Poland

War Games

War’s Unexpected Images


In the Archives

Great Guns!
By P.G. Smith

In service to the British empire, U.S. machine gunner Arthur “Gat” Howard lived up to his rat-a-tat nickname

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