Battlefield Leader, written by renowned historian Carlo D’Este, reveals the first time George S. Patton Jr.’s legendary military genius emerged in combat. Although Patton was best known for his brilliant World War II campaigns, one of his most remarkable wartime achievements occurred in 1918 during World War I when he almost single-handedly formed, trained and led into combat the U.S. Army’s first tank corps.

Battle Studies, written by Major General (Ret.) David T. Zabecki, presents the heroic account of how the Soldiers of 9th Armored Division became the first World War II Allied troops to cross the Rhine River, the last major obstacle to Adolf Hitler’s Germany. The March 1945 seizure of the intact Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen literally “kicked in the door” to the Reich, paving the way for the final downfall of Nazi Germany.

Great Warriors tells the inspiring story of our nation’s first African-American military pilots, the famed Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. These brave men not only forged an enviable combat record in the skies over Europe by destroying Nazi planes, they also shattered egregious racial stereotypes held by those who wrongly doubted the skill and ability of African-Americans.

The infamous 1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact discussed in Hard Choices was not the first instance of cynical duplicity exhibited by German dictator Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Josef Stalin; however, it was a surprising “first” between Nazis and communists. After years of demonizing each other, the two regimes suddenly negotiated a non-aggression pact that made it possible for Hitler to start World War II in Europe, resulting in a death sentence for tens of millions of soldiers and civilians.

Leader summarizes the life of Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, Germany’s brilliant military commander whose first victory, the November 1914 Battle of Tanga that began World War I in Africa, launched a four-year campaign during which he consistently confounded his British and Allied opponents.

Our other must-read articles cover a variety of subjects: Rome’s Parthian War, A.D. 161-166; a Civil War infantry attack, 1863; the Spanish Blue Division fighting for Germany in Russia, 1943; the Red Army’s Battle of the Korsun Pocket, 1944; Japan’s deadly “stealth” kamikazes, 1945; a global strategic update telling us what we must know about war and peace in 2013 and beyond; and Ralph Peters’ Crisis Watch column analyzing America’s “pivot to the Pacific.”

As in every issue, we also present insightful reviews of games, books and DVDs to arm our readers with the information they need before making their next purchase.


 Jerry D. Morelock, PhD. “Armchair General” Editor in Chief.

Originally published in the March 2013 issue of Armchair General.